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Your heart begins to beat faster as you squeeze through cavernous tunnels and rappel down limestone shafts. The light from your helmet casts a dull glow on the jagged stalactites above and stalagmites below. There are even columns where the two formations have joined. Your excitement grows as you see your guide heading towards a small opening. Getting on her stomach, she asks, “Are you ready?”

Are you looking for the chance to explore some strange and exciting places you’ve never been before? Then spelunking may be just the thing for you! Port Hardy has some of the most exciting caving adventures in the world.

Due to the unique geography of Vancouver Island, and its location within a series of Karst systems, the region is ripe for exploring.

Cavers can discover both surface and underground geological formations such as, stalactites and stalagmites, sink holes, disappearing and reappearing rivers and, of course, caves!

Why are there so many caves in the area? The large bands of limestone running from Quatsino to Zeballos are affected by the acidic runoff from the North Island’s evergreen forests. This erosion has created unbelievable structures on the Quatsino Limestone formation.

Some caves in the area cater to the inexperienced, including Little Huson Cave Regional Park. For the more experienced spelunker only, there are the Artlish River Caves, Eternal Fountain and Devil’s Bath. Whatever your skill level, the caves around Port Hardy are hard to resist.