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Whale Watching

What could be better than a cruise in a boat, looking out on the water with cobalt above and sapphire as far as the eye can see? The calm waters of the Johnstone Strait are interrupted by a spray and flap as an orca makes its debut. The smooth black arch of the killer whale’s back breaks the surface and glides through the water with ease. You gasp with delight as you observe the whale in its natural habitat! He jumps into the air and allows himself to fall back, creating a spectacular splash.

Port Hardy Whale Watching

Every year, orcas, also known as killer whales, travel in Blackfish Sound and Johnstone Strait. The excitement of seeing one of these immense mammals is a favourite of many visitors to the region. With several companies offering whale watching trips from late-June through early October, you can have the experience of a lifetime with opportunities to view humpback, grey, and Minke whales, Pacific white-sided dolphins, Dall’s and harbour porpoises, seals and sea lions.

Spectacular encounters with wildlife happen 365 days of the year in and around Port Hardy.

For the seasoned adventurer, a kayak tour allows you to experience whale watching in a calm and serene way. Glide through the water with the whales in the distance with only the slap of your paddles to break the silence. It’s a great way to see whales in their own environment.